This is an exciting time
to be an Asian American investor.

For AAAIM's 4th national event, we are delighted and honored to host a distinguished set of speakers and institutional investors in Washington, D.C. While the U.S. embarks on a strengthening recovery thereby generating opportunities closer to home, our cultural ties serve as a platform for accessing Asian capital and investment opportunities. With Washington as a backdrop, the event highlights influential political players you need to know. Capital, politics and the movers and shakers: this event has it all.

What is different this year:

AAAIM is promoting and educating members and conference participants about the tremendous opportunities being offered by the national financial institutions to enhance diversity participation as a result of the Financial Reform Act that was passed in 2010.

Whether you are an emerging talent or have fully emerged, whether you work for someone else today and have dreams of coming out on your own tomorrow, and especially if you think you are the height of your career, join us for an event that promises expand your knowledge, network and horizons.

Why Washington Matters:

A year since the sweeping Dodd-Frank bill was signed into law, the investment business has experienced reverberations in transparency requirements, regulation and increased oversight. While many managers view this as an increased cost of doing business, we may look back on Dodd-Frank as an important and innovative change in the financial services industry. What is the report card for Dodd Frank? What are some of the pending changes you MUST know? Meet and question the people who make the rules.

AAAIM welcomes the following participants:

  • Institutional investors representing public funds, corporate funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations and unions
  • Investment managers in private equity, venture capital, hedge, real estate, public equities and fixed income
  • Emerging market investors
  • Funds-of-Funds
  • Consultants and advisors
  • Placement agents, third party marketers, third party lenders

Why attend?

Institutional Investors and Government Agencies

  • Meet and network with world-class speakers
  • Meet qualified, successful Asian American investment managers across all major asset classes. Emerging managers, managers who invest in emerging markets and managers with significant assets under management will be represented.
  • Learn about domestic and global opportunities that Asian American investment managers are leading
  • Educate participants about your initiatives and programs
  • Meet other influential institutional investors and government officials

Fund-of-Funds and Consultants

  • Meet your current LPs and clients
  • Expand access to potential LPs
  • Meet qualified, successful Asian American investment managers across major asset classes
  • Educate participants about your investment strategy and approach
  • Learn about opportunities discussed by world-class speakers and panelists

Investment Managers

  • Meet and network with LPs, government agencies and fund-of-funds that represent trillions of dollars under management in assets
  • Meet and network with their gatekeepers
  • Target your fund raising audience based on the initiatives and programs discussed
  • Learn about opportunities discussed by world-class speakers and panelists
  • Network with fellow investment managers

The National Press Club: A Washington Institution

The National Press Club, a private club for journalists and communications professionals, has been a Washington institution for more than a century. It is also a world-class conference and meeting facility that hosts thousands of events each year for sophisticated clients from around the globe. And while these are the Club's functions, its mission is to be The World's Leading Professional Organization for Journalists. It is a social and business organization dedicated to supporting the ongoing improvement of the profession of journalism.

The National Press Club is known as "The Place Where News Happens." Global leaders in government, politics, business, music, film and sport visit the club every day. They speak here at public and private events because the press is here. (Courtesy, The National Press Club,

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