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Changes at AAAIM — More Access, More Opportunity

2014 is upon us and here at AAAIM we are focused on providing some amazing opportunities for each and every one of you to engage with us and each other to help further your careers and your businesses.

This winter AAAIM’s Board of Directors and I sat down and thought long and hard about how we can help you. After much debate, we are happy to announce some changes to AAAIM’s structure and activities.

First – we are introducing a new membership system for our organization. AAAIM’s trustee level membership for businesses and organizations still exists and will continue to for those companies that are supporting us on a corporate level. AAAIM’s trustees are the backbone of our organization and I want to make sure to thank them for their support.

For those of you who may not belong to one of our trustee companies but still want to engage with AAAIM, we are introducing a new $100/year annual membership. This membership is geared more towards individuals, providing a number of advantages including discounts to AAAIM’s annual conference registration (a $200 value in 2014), discounts to other events and publications, and other great benefits! Check out our membership section in February of 2014 for the opportunity to sign up. For those that signed up at the $500 rate in the last 12 months, don’t worry – we’ll honor our commitment to you by providing additional discounts where possible to ensure that you get your money’s worth!

A lot of times I’m asked what does your membership dues go towards. It’s a great question. Under this new structure we are focusing your support and dollars towards engaging and growing AAPI education, outreach and advocacy. AAAIM is undertaking a number of new research projects focused on supporting AAPI inclusion in emerging manager programs, engaging decision makers in the importance of diversity amongst their portfolio of managers and creating opportunities for you to engage with influential individuals in the industry.

Engaging with each other and industry leaders is key to the success of any investment manager. That’s why AAAIM is expanding its events calendar to help provide more opportunities for you to network with other people in the industry. AAAIM will continue to host its annual conference, details for which are currently being finalized for the fall of 2014. Our organization will also continue to host regional events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City while hosting its first event in Austin, TX. AAAIM will also be expanding its young professionals events, helping young people gain the tools they need to build a long and successful career. More information on events will be posted in our upcoming events section as they become available so keep an eye out!

As we continue to build out more of these new and exciting opportunities, I encourage to you pay attention to our monthly newsletters which will provide more information as it develops. Also – I hope you’ll come back to the President’s Corner. I plan to post more content here, including interviews and insights from key decision makers. We may even have a few guest writers!


Chris Chan is the President of the Association of Asian American Investment Managers