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February 5, 2014
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February 28, 2014
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What’s New at CalPERS?

This month we are joined by Laurie Weir from CalPERS who is sharing information on the efforts she and her team and undertaking to provide more information and opportunity to engage with each of you.

Did you know that CalPERS created Targeted Investment Programs in 2012 to manage its emerging manager programs and continue the fund’s 20-year track record of leadership and innovation in this space? Did you also know that, in addition to emerging manger programs, we cover diversity and inclusion initiatives, all of the California investment initiatives, our labor relations and responsible contractor programs and policies, as well as sustainability in real assets?

Our goals include identifying new investment manager talent across all asset groups, as well as supporting manager diversity, economic development, and fair labor practices. We also act as a liaison between elected officials, labor and other stakeholder groups and the CalPERS Investment Office.

Whether you work frequently with Targeted Investment Programs or are unfamiliar with our team, we invite you to check our new online home. This dedicated place on the CalPERS website highlights the work we do and provides a resource for our stakeholders and the public. The Targeted Investment Programs webpage has information on all of the programs we manage, a calendar of current events, and a library with all of our reports and studies. There is also a link to the CalPERS investment proposal submission portal.

In addition to the new webpage, we are also holding our second emerging manager forum on April 1 in Sacramento. The Forum will provide an overview and update of CalPERS emerging manager investment programs, insights into the organizational and structural attributes that are important factors in our assessment of emerging and diverse firms, and instructions on how to submit investment proposals. We will also broaden the discussion and opportunities for networking by bringing together other leading California pension funds that employ emerging manager strategies. To learn more and register for this event, click here.

We hope that both of these initiatives will help us continue to strengthen relationships with our stakeholder community and we look forward to working together on these important issues.


Laurie Weir is a Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of the Targeted Investment Programs at the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)