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April 25, 2014
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July 1, 2014
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How Do You Make an Impactful, Positive Impression?

I get asked this a lot because so much of my job is networking and forging relationships with new people. Every day I’m in meetings or on the phone talking to people, building real connections on our common business and personal goals. I was taught at a young age to do this by my parents, especially my mother who spent two decades in client relations. She always taught me to make a professional, positive impression on people. “Be sure to introduce yourself”, she would always tell me. I had the benefit of her great wisdom and that of so many others.

I take that gift and try to translate it to the work I do today at AAAIM. Being able to build opportunities for people to introduce themselves, make a lasting impression, and forge meaningful relationships is at the core of AAAIM’s mission. That’s why we host events across the country every year to open opportunities for each of you.

It’s why I’m particularly excited to announce AAAIM’s 2014 calendar of events. This year we are doing more than ever before to bring each and every one of you the opportunity to engage with each other.   I’m particularly excited about three items:

  • For the first time ever, AAAIM is hosting a reception in the great city of Austin, TX. In collaboration with our friends in the “Lone Star State”, we are excited to engage the local and regional community.
  • AAAIM is expanding its young professional’s effort. This year, AAAIM will host seminar sessions geared towards young professionals in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco & Los Angeles. These sessions are geared to younger professionals looking to fine tune some skills and meet potential mentors and peers.
  • Reflecting our commitment to opening doors and opportunities, AAAIM is making all of its regional events free this year. We’re excited to meet more people and engage you in all the great work we are doing at AAAIM to help you and other AAPIs in the industry succeed.

Will you join me at one of our regional events? Currently, our calendar is as follows:

  • Monday, June 16 in Austin, TX
  • Monday, July 7 in New York, NY
  • Thursday, July 31 in Los Angeles, CA
  • Wednesday, September 10 in San Francisco, CA
  • Coming Soon, Chicago, IL

We’re also excited to be hosting our 2014 National Conference on October 7 & 8 in Palo Alto, CA. Registration for the national conference will be up very soon but in the meantime I hope you’ll join us for one (or more) of our regional events. Just click on the date and city you want to go to and you can register for the event!


Chris Chan is President of the Association of Asian American Investment Managers