DealCloud, an Intapp company, was founded in 2010 by a team of former deal professionals with deep knowledge of the capital markets. In 2018, we joined Intapp - the market leading cloud solution provider in the professional services industry - to help partner-led firms shift to a modernization strategy and gain a growth edge in today's competitive marketplace. Together, we are transforming the way dealmaking is done.

We believe that capital markets technology solutions must have the flexibility to adapt to meet each firm's unique needs. We also believe that generic CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft, and the resellers of these platforms will never achieve a firm's desired outcome, because the underlying technology cannot be retrofitted to manage the complex relationships and deal structures of the capital markets. We believe our unique understanding of investors and advisors has enabled us to create an alternative to these generic platforms that delivers unrivaled value to our clients.

We embrace the complexities of the industry and are squarely focused on helping capital markets firms drive market-leading outcomes.