FIS Group

At the core of our work is a deeply held belief, borne out by research and results that institutional investors can achieve enhanced outcomes through a combination of:

  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Deployment of high-conviction, high-active-share entrepreneurial managers, and
  • Tactical allocation decisions that actively drive capital toward strength and away from weakness and risk

The FIS Group Way seeks to harness these multiple alpha sources continuously through a disciplined, repeatable process.Through this approach we identify and select high-performing managers and strategies, those demonstrating high-active-share styles with the potential to drive desired outcomes. We seek to capitalize on the interaction between these managers’ individual styles and processes and to position the investment portfolio to be more advantageous, resilient, and enduring within the context of a changing macro environment. Finally, our tactical management approach uses our proven, proprietary macroeconomic analysis to predict the effects of trends and changing conditions and adjust portfolio exposures to specific opportunities and risks.