Thomas White International

At Thomas White, our investing performance goal is straightforward: to outperform our benchmarks in the long-term and especially during market declines. We feel the surest path to accomplish these goals is to become an exceptional research organization. To meet these objectives, our professionals need to understand corporations, investor behavior and portfolio design better than our peers.

Our veterans feel the primary reason for our success has been the pride we derive from having our research produce excellent performance. This positive outlook explains why we continue to expand our global research and product capabilities.

  • We believe that an ethnically and culturally diverse team, having varied academic and professional training, is better equipped to understand the increasingly complex global investment environment.
  • Located in our offices in the United States and Asia, the Thomas White research team works together as a highly productive 24-hour think tank.
  • Our investment professionals are trained by the investment committee members, who have worked together as a team on average for over a decade.